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Motion sickness


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11 hours ago, Mike n Ky said:

It makes me wonder why some do and others don't.

FWIW, I have known those that suffer and have used the ginger tabs and chews with success. My wife takes the ginger when she gets an upset stomach. One woman we know has a horrible time with seasickness and she swears by Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger Tabs

I have always had issues with motion sickness. I don't really get sick on large ships, but roller coasters that corkscrew, riding in the car and reading. I was sick a ton as a kid while riding in the back seat of the car, especially in the mountains.  I have a grown son that has the same issue.  So, I think it is something hereditary. 

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Just off of Liberty here, very calm waters, and yet I still got a little sea sick since I'm very prone to it. I bought some ginger mango chews on Amazon, a pack of like 100 or so, and packed them. They were tasty and seemed to help, or they were just tasty. Either way, this was the least sea sick I've been on a cruise, so I'm seconding the chews and I'll definitely be getting some more.

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Green apples


Bonine Band


Scopalamine patches

All have evidence for benefit, but more side effects the further down the list you go. Don’t cut scopolamine patches as you’ll destroy the delivery mechanism and can lead to more intense side effects and the therapeutic effects will not last as long. It also has to be placed at least 12 hours prior to cruise to be effective.

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