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Atlantis Day Pass?????

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A cruise we are considering taking with our 5 yr old grandson has a day in Nassau.  Because he is only 5, there are fun things like Dolphin Encounter that he will not be able to do for the day in Nassau.   I do see that we could get a day pass to the Atlantis and the Adventure water park there.  It is expensive, so does anyone have comments about it or other suggestions for things to do for the day we would be in Nassau?  Thanks in advance!

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I wouldn't invest in a day pass at Atlantis for a 5 year old.  By the time you taxi over there, and then have to leave to be back on board for departure you really don't have a tonne of time to ride the slides.   Additionally, he's probably not even tall enough to ride a lot of the slides.  I think you'll be disappointed.   We took our boys who were 9 and 11 at the time and the lineups for slides are long so we didn't really get to take full advantage of the slides... it was less than ideal - but still an experience for kids who are tall enough.

What about a beach day?   Or a day-pass to margaritaville or something?   It's walkable from the port - or at most a short taxi ride.   Can swim in ocean or pool, there are slides there, access to sun and shade and food.

Or get tickets to the Aquarium at Atlantis - it's supposed to be impressive.

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I was just at the Atlantis this past June with a 5 yo/ 7yo. Due to the fact that were were traveling with such a large group we decided against getting the day pass. There is a nice viewing area at the lower level of the main lobby. We did spend some time there and meandered about while other family members went off to the casino. Unfortunately we returned to the port area bit later than expected so we were not able to go to Junkanoo beach. The beach is walking distance from the cruise port. Many have suggested it as well.  

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