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Question about Cabana rental


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We are going on our second RC cruise (yay!!!!) and taking our two kids and their families: Total 6 adults, 3 kids under 10, 1 kiddo under 5 so technically doesn’t count.  My question is about the cabana rental. I’ve reserved a Chill Beach cabana and I know the limit is 8.  Do you think we will be permitted to let the 9 of us in?  If not, can we rotate?  

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It's a gray area. Technically, no, but I've definitely seen them look the other way.

First and foremost, don't be that group that is loud and obnoxious to others around. Second, you might consider tipping the cabana attendant in advance "Thanks for understanding" kind of thing.

But you should be prepared for a plan B if they call you out on it since the limit is 8.

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Great Info, I have a similar question concerning the Thrill Island Cabana rentals. 

We are traveling with another family of friends and we total 7 people. Four adults and three boys ages 11 - 14. I know if we book a cabana in Thrill Island we will only get 6 admission tickets to the park so we are planning on purchasing an additional ticket but we would all use the same Cabana? I called RC guest services and they said it was against covid protocols for them to book 7 into the Thrill Island Cabanas. 

So we are thinking of trying the "gray area" because we know the boys will maximize slide time and not be at the cabana very much so most of the time there will be the four adults who will occasionally do a slide and then go back to the cabana to "re-hydrate" 🙂 .

Any thoughts on this? 

(BTW- 7 night Western Caribbean on Oasis of the Seas in the fall)

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