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  1. Long story but we had to rent a car to drive to FL. We need to return the car by 9 AM the day of the cruise (tomorrow). Does anyone know how early we can drop our luggage off at the port? Can we drop it at 8:30 even though our time is 11:00?
  2. Thank you so much! That saves enough money for a few Mojitos!
  3. We will be on the Harmony of the Seas in October: 2 staterooms, but not connected. Can I order the internet package under my name with 4 devices and then spread it out between myself and my husband, and then my son and his wife who will be in the other stateroom? Thanks so much —- obviously, still a newbie.
  4. We are going on our second RC cruise (yay!!!!) and taking our two kids and their families: Total 6 adults, 3 kids under 10, 1 kiddo under 5 so technically doesn’t count. My question is about the cabana rental. I’ve reserved a Chill Beach cabana and I know the limit is 8. Do you think we will be permitted to let the 9 of us in? If not, can we rotate?
  5. Celebrating our 46th anniversary! Both kids and spouses and grandkids are coming and it’ll be their first cruise! SOOOOOO excited
  6. Hi Everyone - still a newbie here. I have a few questions: 1. if I book a cruise right now, but then I check out the same cruise when I’m on my October cruise at “Next Cruise” and find out it’s the same price, can I rebook and get the onboard credit? 2. On my Royal site, it says I have a $100 pre-cruise credit. is this in addition to the $100 onboard credit I have for that cruise? I cannot find the answer on the RCI website. Hope these make sense. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, Matt! We just finished watching Mariner OTS tour! Loved it. Going on the Harmony in Oct and Mariner next April!
  8. If I buy the Coffee Package, can someone else get my coffee in the morning to bring back to the room? This is primarily for the benefit of the other guests. LOL
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