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I've been on a number of cruises so far:


Royal Caribbean:  Freedom & Legend

Celebrity:  Horizon & Zenith  (no longer in service)

Norwegian:  Dreamward & Norway

Cunard:  QE2 



I've been on ships both great and small, and with Royal's new Quantum and Oasis class, and "Oasis 4 (Symphony)" in production, it's making me wonder if Royal might put out any newer smaller ships. Are they only going for the biggest and baddest ships, or might they come out with something in-between to keep that small ship feel but still be innovative and cutting-edge... Might this Icon class that's in the works be bigger than Oasis? Fit somewhere in between? What do you all think ?



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Building new smaller ships has been debated before, most think it won't happen and if it does they will be under the Celebrity name.

Myself, I'd like to see them be built. Small ships offer many things and experiences that big ships can't, less crowds, different ports, better service, ect.

One thing smaller ships don't offer is a as high of a profit to the cruise line, so...

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Guest toodle68

I have never been on the big ships..  but we did really enjoy the size of the Freedom class. It never felt busy except for a couple of times waiting for the elevator. 

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Follow the money trail, more profit in the larger ships. I do like the Radiance class ships best, similar to the Island/Coral Princess ships.


Have been on the Liberty, Navigator, Allure.......They were fine(never had a bad cruise) but, we prefer the smaller ships. Doing a T/A on Rhapsody shortly, have not tried a Vision class yet.

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While most cruise lines are building bigger ships, it seems like most are in the 140,000 to 180,000 GRT range, so Royal is bucking the trend. The only lines keeping their ships relatively small are Celebrity and Holland America, but they are trying to create a niche for themselves.

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