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Oasis of the Seas, LIVEish: January 15, 2017

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Know it was an appetizer, but the shrimp risotto could have been doubled up. Other thing that might work could be asking for extra shrimp. The portion of risotto was about half cup with 3 shrimp. Also wonder if the removal of just one item could have swung an entree gluten-free (say a sauce).

This is a possibility, and I'm sure the staff would have arranged something.  I was just surprised not to see an entree noted.  For example, they have gluten-free hamburger buns onboard, so the burger could have easily been noted.  The symbol simply means that it's an option that it is available gluten-free, not that it is actually gluten-free as served according to what I've been told.

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So far today I really haven't done much. Woke up around 8:30a, around 9a headed over to Windjammer for breakfast, wasn't going to happen there. The line to enter Windjammer was out the door. So as a

Greetings all! I know I'm a new comer to the Royal Caribbean Blog's Message Board. But trust me this isn't my first message board rodeo. Some of the content here is cross posted on another message bo

Was a great hotel, they offer both a two room (living room/bedroom) and studio style rooms. Transfers are doe by 888 Taxi (That was a cluster, minivan for 6 adults)

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Forgot to post this about 8 hours ago...


So here is my quick recap for Day 7. I'll post something more detailed later today.


Best summed up as: Galley tour (Diamond Plus), adult beverage, eat (lunch), rest, adult beverage times ???, eat (dinner), mingle (with adult beverage), adult beverage times ???, gamble, adult beverage time ???, say good bye to beverage staff, procrastinate, pack, post.

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Thanks for your live blog! What were your top 3 of Oasis of the Seas?

#3: Aqua Show and CATS. CATS, other than the issue of the story line being slow and hard to follow. I look at it deeper, the technical and talent aspect of it. Amazes me that such a detailed set and choreography is on a ship.

#2: Central Park, both views and venues (Other than Giovanni's, forgot once again to visit Vintages). Sitting out at the Trellis Bar is a very interesting experience. It feels like you are no longer on a ship. In a way, it is a nice throw toward an apartment complex/hotel with an interior outdoor plaza with dining and shops.

#1: Sounds silly in a way, but being remembered. It was nice when walking to a frequently visited venue that the crew remembered your name, know what you liked. Even the simple "Were you on here just a few weeks ago".


I'm gearing up, in 111 days I'm heading off for Harmony. I know for the most part the bones are the same, the personality will be different.

One thing I feel I'm going to miss the most is the Champagne Bar. I know Rising Tides carries on the tradition, but the Champagne Bar was a nice and quiet"ish" venue, not the center of attraction, and used some fresh ingredients. Most importantly the bar team was great. 

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So here I am at home typing this up. Looking back this previous week was a blast and a blur.


Here is the slightly longer recap of Day 7.


This morning was the Diamond Plus galley tour. Start time was 10:00am finish time was a whole 15 or 20 minutes later. Met in the deck 4 dining room lobby, walked in the starboard side entrance. This was where the dirty dishes were dropped off for cleaning. Passed by the bar “cage†heading to the cook line where the turkey breasts were being prepared along with hamburgers that were being served for lunch.


After the tour headed over to Windjammer just to do some recon/stepping foot inside during breakfast. Didn’t go away empty handed, grabbed a coffee cup with a few hard-cooked eggs to eat before leaving. I would rather not make the trek to a food venue the final morning.

Was going to look at the Solarium Bistro for breakfast as well, but it was closed by the time I made it over.

Eventually around 11:00 I made it back to my go to location, the Champagne Bar. Around 11:30 or noon, went to give the main dining room a shot for lunch after seeing the burgers being cooked during the galley tour. Left there stuffed around 1pm after visiting the buffet spread and having multiple appetizers and an entrée.


Headed back to the room to recharge my phone/camera then did some roaming where I wound up once again at the Champagne Bar. At 5pm headed over to the Trellis Bar to meet up the folks I was traveling with, 5:30 dinner in the Main Dining Room. Left there and head up to Café Promenade, wound up watching the Dream Works Farewell parade. After that, stuck around in Café Promenade until the casino raffle drawing. To get a ticket for it you either win them from the free spin machine. After the drawing, stuck around in the casino for the last chance of hitting it big. After not hitting it big, I hit the Champagne Bar for one final time. 20170122161457-8c95ad77-me.jpg


After seeing the “time to wrap up your vacation†message on the TV screen, I knew it was that time. Said my good byes to the Champagne Bar staff and jumped over to Cafe Promenade to tell someone else looking forward to seeing them on Harmony.



Finally made it back to the cabin around 1am to finally start packing, around 3am I was packed and went to bed. I normally don’t carry off a large suitcase, but my procrastination and lack of desire to pack before 11pm made it a requirement.


The one great thing in Port Canaveral’s Terminal 1 is the switchback ramp going from the second level to the first level. No need to worry about a free hand for an escalator or waiting for an elevator.


All in all, from getting number called, ding out with group 15, until waiting for a taxi back to the hotel was about 35 minutes (8:15-8:50).  

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