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What to do on boarding day


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We are leaving January 7th ( yay!) and wanted to know what we should to on day 1. We are planning to drive from Disney world that morning and park at the port (FLL) to be able to get on the ship nice and early. Here's what i have on our to do so far, let me know what ì'm missing!



1- Book the playcare / nursery for our 3 kids

2- Go have lunch ( is windjammer the best place? or are there other neat places we should try? We are on Freedom)

3- Go request a table at MDR for our dinner ( not sure if we can even do this? but we would like a table by the window,,)

4. Test out the flow rider



is there anything else we should be doing other than exploring the ship?

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Well I guess it depends on your interests but for me, the first day is get on board as early as possible.


Get my first drink and then tour the ship and get some great photo's while its still empty and get a feel for the ship and a little familiarized with it.


Then find a nice spot on the pool deck near a bar and drink! Enjoy some ppl watching, enjoy the sail away party on the pool deck.


My first day is all about relaxing and enjoying the sail away experience......

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theres a sail away party?? we've never cruised with RCCL , only with celebrity so not sure of what RCCL does!

Yes, there is a sail away party. It's held immediately after muster drill and on the pool deck (weather permitting).


I don't know if your 4 items are in order, but I'd eat lunch at the Windjammer first. The next few things to do will depend on when they become open.  Registering your kids for Adventure Ocean/Nursery usually opens a bit later in the early afternoon. Similar for the head waiter to be there in MDR for requests.


That interim period between lunch and other things is great for exploring the ship, going on a spa tour and possibly sneaking in a FlowRider ride.


Refer to page 25 of this Cruise Compass for a look at timings: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/freedom-of-the-seas/sun-2016-10-30-0000

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You don't mention if you have My TIme Dining or traditional.  If traditional the I definitely would check out the table location early on to see if you like it.  If you have MTD you can make a reservation and possibly put in a request.  Your table number will be on your Seapass card if you have traditional dining.


Other than that I would get there early as you noted, grab lunch, check the dining room for your table or reserve one for MTD, explore the ship and familiarize and orient yourself.  You don't say if your are on the Harmony or the Freedom but both have plenty to explore.


Definitely take a swimsuit in your carry-on and try the flowrider the first day when there are short lines.  


I assume you have a rental car that you are returning in FLL?  I have done this twice in the past, and will again two weeks after you.  We usually leave Disney about 6:00AM.  By the time you return the car and get back to the port you can be there about 10:30-10:45.  For me this is the perfect time to balance getting on board early and not waiting too long.  I recommend taking a taxi or Uber to the port as the free shuttle form the rental center to the port can be crowded and a long wait.  Plus you do not know what order they will hit all the ships.  It is about $15.00 for a taxi but worth it.

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Here is a link to my google drive folder that has Compasses (daily planner) from two recent 8-day sailings.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_n-B8ozLmplZXpoWFdBdUJlWEU


They are photos that I got from live reports so not the best and not complete but better than nothing.  Please report back about your trip and if possible, bring back the Compasses.  :)

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