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Royal Up is showing rooms that are below my current category, what happens if I bid on one and win?


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Hi people, 

I am sailing next month. I currently have a D1 ocean view balcony, but when I go to the Royal Up page, they show cabins below my current category. An inside cabin can be won for as low as $30 per person. 
My question is, if I bid on an inside cabin and win, will that essentially be a downgrade at that point? Will they take my balcony away and put me in an inside cabin? 

I don’t really understand what the point is even, like why are they allowing me to bid rooms that are significantly cheaper than what I currently have? 
If I bid on an inside cabin and win, will they add the room to my reservation or will they downgrade me there and give some sort of a refund? 

How exactly does this work? 


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1 hour ago, SpeedNoodles said:

Don't bid on a category you're already in.  I'm not sure why they'd send you that, but you can simply choose to not place a bid.

Yes, that I know. I will never bid on a category that is lower than what I have unless there is a good reason to. 
I wondered if it’s there to win as an extra room or something. 

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1 hour ago, Mayooo said:

Sometimes an inside cabin is more expensive than a balcony 

That is true and you are right, but I can see all the cabins on the Royal Up page where it says I can bid. I even see the same room I have booked. I don’t know why they are showing me the same room I already paid for, saying it can be won for $200 a person 😂 

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