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Yes, Midnight Eastern Time.

FYI: The earliest arrival time may not be available until some time later. In December, the earliest time available when check-in opened was 12:00-12:30PM.

A week later 11:00-11:30AM became available. The good news is that you can easily update/change your arrival time so feel free to keep checking back for better time.

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I tried check in on the app and it was not available at just after midnight. Having done this in the past I knew it should be available.  I finally logged into the website and did check in immediately (went back to the app and it still was not available).  Hope this helps.

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2 hours ago, Walt Golas said:

is it better to check in on the app or a computer?

I do not find one better than the other.  I prefer the computer (key board/mouse) vs app (lots of fixing due to fat finger syndrome 😉 ).  I was forced to use the app while on Symphony in order to check in for the Wonder inaugural and didn't hurt myself.

Use whatever you are most comfortable with. 

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