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VOOM SURF + STREAM Internet Package Differences

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Can anyone here help me understand the difference with ordering the VOOM SURF + STREAM Internet Package for:

  1. 2 people - 2 devices (1 for each) vs
  2. 1 person - 2 devices

Option 2 is significantly cheaper.


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The first gives you two separate log ins. No one can be kicked off of their (one device at a time) that they are logged into.

The second gives you one log in that can be used on two different devices and a device could be kicked off. If the two people each only have one device, there shouldn't be a problem. If there is a third device (maybe one person has a phone AND a tablet), it could kick off one of the users on one of the connected devices.

For example, my family of four got the one log in, two devices package. My husband needs one for work and the kids and I will share the other. If both of my kids try to log on at the same time, my husband will get kicked off. We were willing to trust the kids and work out a schedule to save $10-15/day. Some people don't want to deal with the hassle and pay more to each have their own log in.

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Option 2 is better in that even if you have to 'kick off' a device, the log in will ask permission to do so.   It's definitely better to get the multiple devices for one person.  For example, in my upcoming Symphony cruise, I checked and 1 person-3 devices is same prices as 2-person-1 device.  Best to decide how many devices you want to use and try to do it under 1 person. 

Hope these comments help. 

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My wife and I do the one login for two devices. 

She stays logged on her phone the whole cruise and I swap between my phone and iPad. 

In order to not risk kicking her offline, I log out of my current device before I log in to the other one.   I’ve never kicked her off by doing this. 

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