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Are any wrist bands required on kids (Allure). Autism concern.

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We’ll be going on the Allure in May with our 5yo son who is Autistic. Part of his challenges is not liking any kind of wrist band. Will he be required to wear anything in general, for the kids club or because of COVID (he is vaccinated). 


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Hi CBGrey 

I totally understand you! One of my kids, same age also has autism and that among other things can definitely cause some triggers! 

Yes they have to wear the vax wristband and all minors also have to wear a mandatory bracelet that has your muster drill station on it. In case of emergency, if they are at Adventure Ocean or if they may get separated from you, the staff will know where to bring them. I've heard from other cruisers that you can wear the vax bracelet in other areas besides your wrist such as your ankle or keep it on a lanyard or in a pocket. I think as long as you have it on your person it won't be a big deal. I have not heard the same for the children's emergency wristband. At one point, my kids didn't have it, it got lost or came off and we have been approached by staff reminding us that the children need to wear it at all times. 


I know sensitivities vary and you know best what your child can tolerate. Maybe try attaching it on a lanyard or pinning it to his clothes? I did a social story for my kids to prepare them and a few weeks prior to cruising I'll have them practice wearing wristbands to help prepare them. They tolerated it for some time but after a few days they took it off because they couldn't handle it.

Adventure Ocean is great when it comes to making the kids feel comfortable and they understand. I would definitely bring it up to them on the first day of registration. They possibly can make an exception. I also encourage you to reach out the the Special Needs dept and/or fill out the Special Needs form and let them know. 



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Autism Mom here....call RCL's special needs guest line.  Accommodations can absolutely be made.  We've sailed twice since the bracelets have been in effect without issue and my kiddo didn't have to wear his bracelet OR a lanyard holding it.  We just had to show it at certain times.

I also have a shameless plug...check out Autism on the Seas.  Google it.  They provide volunteers for staffed cruises that have many accommodations in place for our kiddos (young and old) if you need assistance and respite.  We are going on our 8th cruise with them and we wouldn't travel without them.

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Suggest you find a way for your little one to have the bracelet with child’s muster station somewhere on him (pinned to shirt, etc).    On last multi-generational cruise, while heading to muster station in the crowd, one of the grandchildren got cut off from the group by other family groups pushing ahead of him.   One of Royal’s employees stationed at a stair landing noticed him looking around, and used the info on the muster bracelet to take him there to join his mom.  

Muster process  is now different, but separation could happen at any time.  Best to have a means to reunite with your little one.


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Thank you all so much for your information and suggestions. Mom and I have already talked about "practicing" with a wristband while home and we'd certainly prefer he be able to wear the muster station band. Now that I know what's required we know what to aim for. 


Now we just need to stress about him keeping his mask on in AO. He's generally ok with masks but certainly requires a bit of reminding from time to time. If anyone has any stories on similar issues with AO (how strict or helpful they are). Would love to hear them. 


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