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Will the shows and entertainment be the same

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29 minutes ago, egd207 said:

I was looking at cruise compass listing for Anthem.  The closest I saw for 7 nights was over holidays time in Dec.  Will the shows and entertainment for an April cruise be approximately the same?

The large-scale production shows will very likely be the same since it takes a lot of work for the set pieces and choreography. But, the smaller headliner performers and other musicians will probably be different since they move around different ships. 

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3 hours ago, GregD said:

We Will Rock You, Spectra's Cabaret, and The Gift will not change. Acts in the music hall, pub, headliner shows etc will most likely be different.

Coyotes 80s Mixtape is on Anthem I think they said for like 6 or 7 weeks, and they brought the house down in the music hall on this past cruise.  Who doesn't love 80s music!!! We went to every single show they played it was so awesome.

They didn't having a showing of The Gift on Anthem on the January 31st sailing and Spectra's Cabaret which is always a fun party (in the past it was more of a party than a show in my opinion) was toned down this time around probably do to covid concerns but even the subdued show was still a great show. Also the last time I was on Anthem they had the Red Party in 270 but there was no Red Party on the January 31st sailing but we did have a Red Party on our October 29th Symphony 7 night cruise. 

Even without that red party Anthem always brings the party especially in the Music Hall.

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