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Mlife - how to link with Royal Caribbean?


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I saw on the mlife website that you can call a phone number to link your mlife account with Royal Caribbean to get some additional perks. I'm a lowly mlife Pearl, so all I would get are quarterly cruise offers and an entertainment tour (some reports also mention a departure lounge - but I don't see that listed anymore). While the perks aren't too exciting for Pearl, I wouldn't mind getting the cruise offers just to check them out, but when I called the phone number, the rep got my mlife number, my crown and anchor number, put me on hold for a few minutes, and came to say that there's nothing to link because I don't qualify for OBC. I don't know what that means - so they don't link accounts unless you get OBC? So Pearl and below will never get linked? How would we get the perks then?

Here's what it says on the website:

"How do I access my MGM Rewards Benefits with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises?

MGM Rewards members must validate their tier status by calling Royal Caribbean at (1-800-762-0702) or Celebrity Cruises at (Platinum & NOIR: 1-888-858-4478; Sapphire, Pearl, & Gold: 1-855-227-2537). Benefits must be requested at the time of the initial booking and at least ten (10) days prior to the cruise’s departure date."

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I don't believe you aren't able to earn tier credits/rewards between the two. I believe the OBC is 125 for Gold and 200 for Platinum. I ended up booking my February cruise through Mlife and received the OBC. I haven't tried to add it to my cruise booked through the Interline but may try it.

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