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Serenade - Thermal Suite


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My wife got the thermal spa pass on Radiance and said it was one of the nicest thermal suites from all classes of Royal ships as it is one of the rare layouts that has actual sea views. (Royal does not come close to competing with other lines thermal suites) I would assume Seranade would be identical to Radiance.

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My wife gets it on every ship because even a ‘bad’ spa is still a spa lol. 

We haven’t been on Odyssey yet but my wife states that the thermal spa on Ovation (similar quantum class) was the ‘worst’ she’s been in. The showers weren’t working and the heated stone beds were facing a wall with the outside walking track on the other side and you can hear everyone going by and talking. 

Don’t get me wrong, my wife is not a spa ‘snob’ and still thoroughly enjoys each spa. These are simply just comments she has made.


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Just watched a Serenade ship tour video and the thermal suite is exactly as picture above.  About 5 of the stone beds facing the ocean.  Based on the color scheme, the pictures above do seem to be serenade, but if not, it is identical.  

I don't go to spas ever, so can't comment beyond the aesthetics, but that's what is there. 

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