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Bermuda. Favorite Beach?


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Anyone have a favorite beach in Bermuda? I've heard the the beach the excursion goes to is overrated and crowded so I'm wondering if it would make sense to skip the formal excursion and just take a cab to a different beach. (We we will going to the beach on day the ship is staying overnight so I'm not worried about missing the ship)

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Paging @coneyraven! Paging (not a doctor) @coneyraven!!

He and I love Tobacco Bay Beach over by St. George's. It's not well-known, and a bit of a "rougher" / more rocky beach, but it's always available. If you go to my live blog of our first Bermuda trip, you'll find lots of pictures and get a rough idea of how to get there.

The beach itself is rather small, and faces onto a little bay surrounded by steep, jagged rocks. Water level varies with the tides. There's a bar / restaurant there where you can get food and drinks, and also rent beach chairs and an umbrella if you want.

Oh, and if you feel like you're not finding the right road from town, just ask anyone. They'll all wave in a vague direction you need to go and mumble, "That way to Tobacco Bay." ?


Horseshoe Bay is the super-popular one you're thinking of. And yes, if you go later in the day or on the first day of a multi-day stop it is hugely overcrowded. But if you get there right at 9 AM when they open, the beach has hardly anyone there. Especially if you ask the people who rent out the loungers and umbrellas to set you up as far down the beach as they're allowed to go; it will take hours before the crowds get close to you. And it is definitely a very scenic and enjoyable beach, you just have to time your visit right.

That said, there are lots of other beaches that we learned about from other people on the ship, including Admiralty Beach, Long Bay Beach, and Elbow Beach. But I haven't been able to get to yet so I can't speak to how good or bad they are. From pictures that people I talked with showed me, or descriptions I got from my table-mates at dinner, more than a few of them are just as nice as Horseshoe Bay without the massive tourist crowds, and even have some neat features of their own. The main draw for Horseshoe is its convenience, thanks to the constantly running shuttle vans to/from Royal Navy Dockyard; but if you get an all-day commuter pass then you can use it to find some of these other beaches and spend some time on them instead. And I was told a lot of them even have their own restaurants and amenities, so you wouldn't really be giving up anything you'd have at Horseshoe Bay.

I forget which one of those particularly piqued our interest, but it's north of Horseshoe Bay and only reachable by pink bus or taxi. It's got a cliff that people like to jump from into the ocean, then swim into a nearby cave that has a carved stairway leading back up to the ground.


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I have at least two favorite beaches in Bermuda…on opposite spectrums. One is Elbow Bay Beach. We go early (very early) and rent an umbrella and loungers from the resort. It includes beach service and easy access to restrooms. Mickey’s Bistro is right on the beach and we love the food and the service is exceptional. There’s also a beach bar you can sit at if that’s your thing. 

The other beach is on a tiny island in the sound. We rent a small boat and they give you a detailed map, with photos, showing where you can find these small, beautiful islands with perfect beaches. Just pull up and stick the anchor in the sand. It’s an amazing experience because you’re so far out that you feel completely isolated. For a bigger group, you can rent a pontoon boat.

One of my best beach experiences in Bermuda was when we met with local friends who were into hiking. We started at the first beach and after spending some time in the water…we walked the paths that connected each beach. It was beautiful. At every beach we stopped, spread our blankets and took some time to enjoy the water. An amazing day!

I love Bermuda! My favorite destination! Enjoy!

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@BrianB, what's the most straightforward way to get to Elbow Bay Beach? That's one of the ones I'd heard about and wanted to make a point of seeing next time I'm in Bermuda.

Also, have you heard of the beach that has a cliff people jump from into the ocean, and then they swim to a cave with carved stairs that take you back up to the... lighthouse? Fort? Some building that's also there and gives access to that jumping cliff. Might be Admiralty beach?

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I'm back @JLMoran --- crazy thing, I use Firefox here at work, and, up until today, I wasn't able to log into the message boards like normal.  Who knows what was going on, but......I'm back.

In regards to Tobacco Bay .... the tide differential is insane.  There are a couple of normal size park benches that completely become submerged during high tide, then show themselves as the tide drops.  I'd say there's a 3' - 4' difference between high & low tide.  Crazy.

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