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The Key as Complement to Sky Class for Traveling Companion Party

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Hello all.  

Never cruiser here and after stumbling on the Harr travel and other vids on YouTube, And with cruising roaring back hopefully, and with amazing discounts we decided to take the plunge on Oasis for next March. 

Question is this.  We booked an Owners Suite for ourselves (me, wife and kid) but will be traveling with in-laws who booked the Boardwalk view balcony cabin literally directly across the hallway.  Our in-laws’ English skills aren’t great (not Spanish speaking either), so given that we will have Sky Class four our OS which includes priority boarding, does it make sense to book The Key for our in-laws solely so they can have priority boarding as well?  Our primary concern with even considering The Key is so that we can all board together.  Also not sure if The Key passengers and Sky Class passengers have to use separate boarding areas or kiosks?  Ideally we want to all board together, and all be able to board early.

Would it be worth it or make sense to book The Key for them or should we all just plan to show up first thing to board on boarding day and hope for the best?  Or perhaps all show up later?

Thanks in advance.

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The Key is pretty expensive for what few perks it provides. If your in-laws aren't going to get Voom, then I definitely would not consider the Key.  The boarding together part of your question is difficult to answer because we don't know how Covid protocols will impact boarding.  My guess is that your in-laws will be assisted by the RC staff if they need help finding their room.  Welcome to the boards and ask questions! 

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Right,  good point. — our kid is under 12 so I am just now reading about the testing requirements for unvaccinated kids pre boarding (which in our case will be out of Miami — we specifically chose a Miami port rather than NJ due to, well, let’s not get into it. here….. ). Probably should have read about that testing for minors point before I booked.  Oh well.  Hopefully can get him tested within 48 or 72 hours of boarding in his case unless they require the rapid testing at boarding.  

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Things may have changed, but I sailed our of Miami in early March 2019.  At that time, there was a separate check in area on another level of the port for suite guests.  I know because we originally went to the wrong place and had to be re-directed.  They would not let us in the "regular" line.  I did see a sign for the Key passengers on the first level.  So even with the Key, I am not sure you will be able to board together.  Of course, this is all pre-covid (actually, second to last cruise on Oasis before shut down) so we can speculate about the changes.  

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