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Probably speculative question about rebook a sold out category

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We are sailing on Allure over Easter 2022?! We are in a Jr. suite and they are now sold out. We have repriced once and saved $100! My question is now that the Jr. Suites are sold out is it worth calling to reprice. We don't use travel agent and I know those fine folks would take good care of us. We are independent New Englanders and can't ask someone to do something we could do ourselves. Do the experts here think prices will continue to fall given no availability in the cabin class?


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I, too, book my own cruises and all other travel that I plan for myself and family.  I just love having the control, I think!!!!  ? 

I would keep checking for sales (even if the JS is sold out, other rooms can be checked for savings).  Do a "mock" booking for a balcony and mark down the price.  When you feel like checking for sale prices...reprice that mock booking and if the price has gone down...call to check on the JS price.

Maybe call here and there anyway...you just never know what prices will do!


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Generally the best prices are when the cruise first is listed.  Holiday cruises are popular and generally get more expensive over time - not less. I would guess that you already have the best price but it never hurts to keep checking.

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