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Lowest prices for CocoCay cabanas

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Hoping to book either a floating or beach cabana in CocoCay Beach Club as part of a delayed graduation gift for my daughter.  However, it needs to fit within our budget which makes me a bit pessimistic because the two cruises we have booked are during prime sailing seasons (post Xmas 2021 and July 2022) and it looks like the days we are there there will be another cruise ship present (for Dec we are sailing on Indy, mariner is docked at the same time. For July we are sailing Mariner, Symphony (!) is docked).

What has been the best price people have seen for either of these two cabanas?  If you recall how far before the sailing you saw it, and the month of your cruise that would be great to help us predict whether it is likely to get a lower rate.


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The prices are probably as low as you will see them right now.  They don't seem to go on sale with the rest of the cruise planner items.  Even if they do, you can always cancel and rebook.

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I got a floating cabana for $1049 in June 2020 for a March 2022 cruise. The cabanas are currently $1699 on cruise planner. My water park tickets ended up going way down, and I rebooked ($43 a person down from $79) but the cabana prices have just gone up, up, up. I actually booked way back then because people on this wonderful site told me it was a good deal. Hope that’s helpful!

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