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Cabins above lounges/bars on Serenade of the Seas (Deck 7)--Noise issues

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Hi! I'm a first time cruiser looking forward to an Alaska trip mid-May 2022, and I'm concerned about noise levels on the back half of deck 7 on Serenade of the Seas. I'm a somewhat poor travel sleeper, and may be especially due to the time difference (I'm from the East Coast). We have a wonderful deal on a cabin on deck 7 with a larger balcony, but I'm not sure if being above the bars/lounges is worth it. Would a cabin over the specialty restaurants be better (normal size balcony)? Thanks!

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10 minutes ago, dee02554 said:

We were on a Rhapsody Of the seas cruise in feb /22 and got switched over to the serenade , we are located on aft deck 7 , I whined and stomped my feet numerous times about the possible noice level , finally one every nice young man pointed out " you are paying $$$$$ dollars for that cabin do you honestly think there would be a noise level ?

I'm not completely clear about the message here, but let me assure you that big money does not necessarily equal assured quiet.  Some of my most expensive suites (including at least 2 Star Class suites) have been among the noisiest I have stayed in.  Most of the full suites on the Vision class ships are noisy as hell.  The most obnoxiously loud suite we have ever had was the Grand Panoramic Suite on Oasis where the music coming from the pool deck was deafening.  We actually got a partial cruise fare rebate for that one it was so bad.

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We have a similar cabin on an upcoming cruise in Nov.. We were moved from Brilliance to Serenade. Hoping the noise is not to bad. One royal caribbean site says Giovannis Table closes at 10.  What are the chances of getting a different cabin if it is noisey. We were on deck 8 on Brilliance. 

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