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Excitement VS Disappointment Royal Caribbean installment

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I get it, the CDC will not let us sail from the US. For those of you lucky enough to be able to sail not from here, I applaud you and wish I was you, but sadly I am not. Our family travels from the States, flying to another Country for embarkation was not ever in the cards for us at this juncture.  I am happy and excited for everyone who can make this work, I am wishing RCI a successful and uneventful (Covid related) restart to sailings, but we as a family that placed thousands with Royal Caribbean International believing we would be sailing by now are frustrated and tired. I am tired of the FCC amounts that never add up. I am tired of placing thousands of FCC on sailings that just vanish into thin air, I am tired and sad that my main advocate a fighter in my corner @Sharla also stays on the phone line for hours, yes hours trying to locate my FCC's that just went poof. 

I am patient and understand a lot of this is out of the cruise lines hands, (sailing) I understand they are working hard to make it work anywhere but here because of the CDC I get that. What I am really upset about is the total lack of concern or resolution for Loyal to Royal customers like my family who handed over our monies in support of them in their time of need. Well now I need my money back, okay? The FCC's are seemingly eaten up by the process, (yes...still missing my 5,000, I have 15,000 FCC left that I don't dare assign to another sailing for lack of confidence) and truly feel like we were "kicked to the curb". I even wrote corporate, no response as to where my FCC went. it's not on the sailing it was applied to. So if offered my monies back they can keep the 25% and just refund my sailing fares I will re access sailing in the distant future. 

So sad, I loved Royal, maybe I still do but darn it please we the US customers are important also. 

Sorry guys, rant over. If you are sailing soon, have an amazing and blessed and incredible journey, I look forward to your live blogs...

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I’ve been lucky to not have any of these types of issues and am still “Loyal to Royal”.  However, I wanted to suggest that you contact your states consumer protection office and voice your complaints there as well.  Generally this is handed by the office of attorney general of your state. Maybe they can get some traction going for you.  

Stay Safe

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