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No more San Juan departures?


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I had not read anything to show its being abandoned.  Absence may be an artifact of the current health situation and undefined '22- 23 Caribbean schedule.   SUMMIT  had a regular rotation sailing from SJ.  The only Caribbean itinerary published for late '22 early '23 is for Equinox from FLL.  Doubt that will be the only Celebrity ship sailing the Caribbean.

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I do think the cruise lines are trying to send San Juan a message in the wake of the decision to contract with a private 3rd party to take over cruise port operations there.  It seems multiple lines have altered their plans to sail from there, sometimes reducing ships homeported or ships visiting there. 

You have to know the 3rd party and the port used past trends to build the business case and their financial models so by reducing calls or departures it has a serious impact on the business prospects.  

The cruise lines proposed using a shared company fronted by several lines to manage the port but the San Juan government wouldn't even return their phone calls.  Instead the port went with a 3rd party without a full RFP or process normally used for government contracts.  There were calls of corruption and kickbacks to the principals involved.  

Royal's recent announcement to place a ship in Barbados instead of San Juan I believe was also influenced by this (in my estimation).  

Faced with reduced ship traffic that 3rd party has got to be reconsidering the value of the contract. 

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