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Practice Cruises

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I am a healthcare worker who is now fully vaccinated against Covid. I had seen some news reports awhile back about cruise lines looking for volunteers for short, practice cruises before things open back up more fully. I'm an experienced cruiser with RC, live within an hour of a port, and am very comfortable with masking as I am double masked plus goggles for 12 hours at a time at work. Does anyone know if this is actually a thing? How does one sign up? 

(sorry if this has been discussed already, I went back a few pages and didn't see a similar topic)

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This is from a blog from November, but perhaps it is still valid:

https://cruisesimulationform.questionpro.com/  Good luck!

There is also an active FB group that you can join, it is called Volunteers of the Seas. Only 63.3 k members, lol. 


Husband and I are in Group 1B, and today, we are going to attempt to sign up online for a "mega" vaccination drive-up clinic in our region of Texas. This would be for the first dose of Moderna. Because we are in that Group, we aren't interested in volunteering (too many health hazards for us, and we probably wouldn't be chosen anyway.) We just want to get vaccinated!

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Signups have been going on for a while.  However from my understanding they are going to select people from the Crown and Anchor society before all others.


Considering they will likely run with a ship of around 1000 people for these test cruises and over 100K signed up it's going to be tough getting on the ship for a free cruise.

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