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I want to purchase the unlimited photo package for an Oct 2021 sailing and when I go to cruise planner, there are 4 options. Up to 100 prints for $134, 20 prints for $119, 10 prints for $97 and a private photo session for $159. There isn't an option for unlimited. On my soon to be cancelled Feb 2021 sailing, there isn't an unlimited shown either - largest is up to 50 prints. 

Are there still unlimited packages available? 100 prints is still a lot and I will get that one but just wanted to check and see first. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, cruisinnewbie said:

Wow, those prices are so good. I am seeing 100 prints/digital for 249.99 for my March 2022 Anthem 7-night. I wonder if that will drop on Black Friday?

If no, they should go on sale closer to your cruise. I'm not expecting my 2022 sailings to be included in a sale this far out. 

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Just as an FYI, I checked my cruise planner today after they loaded the Black Friday deals, and there were some solid savings for my March 2022 cruise. I returned my 79 dollar water park tickets and got them for 43, and I got the 100 photo package for 124 (it was 254 yesterday). I figure I can always cancel it if I see a better deal next Black Friday!

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