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Just lifted and shifted my April 2021 Southern Caribbean ABC islands cruise for April 2022 Lesser Antilles islands.  I would have kept the ABC's if I could, but the spring break week we needed didn't go there in '22 so it's back to the drawing boards on planning.  Any favorite recommendations for St. Thomas, Antigua, St. Lucia or Barbados?  We'll be on St. Maarten too, but we already know we'll hire Leo Brown for the day.  Thank you!!! 🌴🌴🌴

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Do you like to snorkel?  We've had several excellent experiences with See and Ski in St. Thomas.  For very reasonable rates, we rent a small boat with captain and he takes us to several good snorkel spots.  There is always a cooler full of beverages onboard.  It's no frills, but for serious snorkelers, it's awesome as you can go where the other people are not, and see exactly what you want to see.  We usually bring snacks, but last year our captain took us by the Pizza Pi VI boat and that was an excellent addition to the day!

For Antiqua, Gail at BeachLimerZ is so amazing.  You can do a whole or half beach day at her private beach.  There are lounge chairs, umbrellas, a bar, beach toys, and they put on an awesome bbq lunch which is included.  She will send someone to pick you up and then give you a ride back to the ship.  

I hope this helps!

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5 hours ago, HeWhoWaits said:

In Barbados, I feel that THE must-do is a visit to the Mount Gay Rum distillery. Very informative tour and a great selection of rums. My favorite is the XO Triple Cask - best enjoyed like a fine single-malt Scotch.

I 100 per cent agree, great tour with informative bus ride, we had an awesome tour guide, we did this both times we was in Barbados. 

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