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SOS deck pro cons?

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ok I am planning on lifting and shifting my Aug FOS  to Symphony next year my daughter saw pictures of it and recalls seeing 1 yr ago when we sailed on MSC out of Miami. question we have JR suite deck 9 FOS on SOS which deck would you recommend I will try to get a hump cabin so I have option of decks 14, 12 11 10 and 9 pros and cons? I will do port side nicer view of Miami only few cabins left, 


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Oasis class is big.  No matter where you pick your cabin there will be some walking to get somewhere.  In that sense it doesn't matter where your cabin is.

Deck 14 is convenient to the pool deck (up one flight of stairs) and the Windjammer but you may hear the music and activities that happen during the day from your balcony.  

Deck 9 is convenient to Central Park (down one flight of stairs).  I enjoy Central Park and use it to transit forward or aft when needed as well as enjoying Central Park at night.

Other than that it's hard to go wrong with any deck.


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On ‎6‎/‎20‎/‎2020 at 11:51 AM, cruisincaroline said:

they wont let me lift and shift from FOS  to SOS  so better off taking 125 credit


We shifted 4 cabins from July 2020 Freedom to July 2021 Symphony without a problem using our TA.  No July options out of PR 2021, so had to shift us somewhere.


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