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Hello. We are sailing on Oasis on April 5, 2014, and on our SetSail pass, it indicates check in time at 12:30 PM. We thought this seemed a bit late, and we were planning on boarding around 10:30 or so. Is 10:30 too early? Has anyone that has sailed on Oasis had to wait until 12:30 to board? Thanks, Derek.

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That's about the time I try to get to the port. I like to get there early so I can get checked in, wait in the terminal, and board as soon as boarding starts, typically around 11:30.


You won't be able to board at 10:30, but arriving at the port at that time isn't bad.

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I arrive early as well. I'm an early person by nature. And you have paid for that first day, so you might as well be one of the first ones on the ship!


Tips for early birds:

  • You get on the ship first, have more time to explore, learn the ship layout.
  • Your luggage typically will get boarded first and delivered sooner than later.
  • You can beat the rush to lunch.
  • You can make show and specialty reservations before everyone else.
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