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Voom Question!!!

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Do you know if you can turn on Voom as soon as you get on the ship, on embarkation day?


How do you turn it on, when you have Pre-purchased it online?


I have used about 55% of my data, I'm trying to save whatever I have left, for when I go into the ports to Periscope for just a few moments from the different ports, so I don't go over my data limit, in places that don't have Wi-Fi.


Thank you for any help with my ?

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If you want your internet in the fastest time possible I have found do not purchase before getting on the ship. If you pre purchase the codes are sent  from the Corporate Office and I have never got them before dinner in the cabin. When I have gone to guest services and asked the answer was we are waiting for the codes from corporate. The one time I did get early they did not work.


Now I purchase on board and have internet within a few minutes of boarding. If your first stop is guest services most of the time it is not busy, but if you wait a few hours it will be busy. The other way is to just go to the cabin log on and purchase, even without a package, and then later go to guest services and change to a package.

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While I agree with Todd, note that you MUST prepurchase Voom in order to take advantage of the sales they are having.


Yes DocLC is right you need to purchase to take advantage of the sales in place. If Royal is having a sale I do pre purchase, and I check for the codes in my cabin, they are never in the cabin so I just log on and agree to add to my sea pass account, and they bill to the account as a new normal purchase. Once I have the codes I go to guest services and tell them to remove the on board internet charges. 


This has worked every time but once it required escalation to a meeting with the Hotel Director before they agreed to remove. Really they have absolutely no choice as I had a package, they failed to follow the terms, and without removing it they cannot charge my credit card for the cruise, as  I withdraw the authorization under the credit card processing rules. Most people do not want the hassles of dealing with Guest Services or the credit card providers, I find it easy.  

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That is Why I did pre- purchase, I got the Deal of pay for one device, get the 2nd half off.

This deal is offered onboard. I was referring to the 30% off sale they are currently offering for Voom.


If they're aren't offering a sale, then you're better off buying onboard as Todd suggests. In addition, if you're a C&A member, by waiting to purchase onboard you can apply your discounts/coupon.

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I've never pre purchased inet before as I use C&A discounts onboard, but next week on Freedom I have Voom free for one device as part of the booking. Curious as to which flavor I receive, as there was only one back when I booked. Also curious as to if it will be available when the rooms open up. I've had to wait till after sail away before as the new sailing data was not set up and no one could purchase!

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