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Please correct me if I am wrong.  Normally FCC’s are issued individually to each guest on a reservation.  However when there are wholesale cancellations because of this pandemic, wouldn’t it help RCC’s bottom line if FCC’s could be issued to the named credit card holder under which the booking was made?  That allows them to use the credit where they wish.  Circumstances change (divorce, death, jobs, availability, etc.)  between now and 20 months from now when the FCC needs to be used so it may be difficult for many people to use the FCC’s when they are issued under each guest’s name.  Couldn’t we be given a choice how to issue the credit so if one person can’t cruise later the credit could be used by another person.  Perhaps less people would be requesting refunds if they weren’t restricted on who can use the FCC.

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A TA told me that Royal is allowing a one-time name change for Covid-19 related FCC's and I had already known that the Resolution department was allowing FCC to be moved around.  There, they are reviewing the distribution of funds on a case by case basis if there are inequities.  Unfortunately, many don't know to request or push for it because the first CSR that answers usually isn't going to do anything.

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