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Are flowrider lessons needed?

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I am taking my 18 year old daughter on the Oasis in June.  It is her first cruise & this cruise is her high school graduation gift.  I think she would like the "flowrider".  They offer lessons for $69 to learn how to do it.  Should I sign her up?  Is it really needed to learn to ride the flowrider?  

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They give you instructions even for the "free" flowrider.  I'm sure it's helpful to have individual instruction but to be honest, I think the real benefit in the "paid instruction" is the extended time that you get to actually practice.


When you do the flowrider during "open" hours you are very strictly limited on the amount of time you get to "ride".  Those who pay for the lessons actually get way more time to try and practice, in addition to the instruction.


If your daughter is a natural athlete, she will probably pick it up very quickly.  As with all things like this, it's a matter of determining your center of gravity and being able to position yourself properly.  The young ones seem to be able to get right up !

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I was thinking of buying the lessons for my 18 yr old nephew on our upcoming Anthem cruise. He wants to try the flow rider but is nervous and does not do well in crowds, so I was thinking he may feel more comfortable if there weren't as many people waiting in line. Do you know how many people are typically involved in the lessons?

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