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Final Payment Date / Flexibility to use FCC for already booked sailing

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Hi All,

A question regarding flexibility in making final cruise payment.  My SOTS cruise on 4/4 was cancelled, so I am looking forward to using the future cruise credit.  A long time ago, I had also booked an anniversary Alaska cruise on Ovation for 7/24.  My final payment for Ovation is scheduled for 4/11, but the FCC may not arrive until 4/13.  Is there flexibility with regard to that final payment date of 4/11?  Do they hold it for a few days or is it immediately cancelled at COB 4/11?  

I'm asking because I'd obviously want to apply my 125% future cruise credit to my remaining Ovation 7/24 balance due, which I learned can be used on existing bookings through Matt H! (Thanks!).


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As a general rule, final payment date is not negotiable however, I would certainly try and contact them to see if something could be worked out.  This is another example of the value of a good travel agent.   They have the ability to make special arrangements such as this.  In the absence of an agent, I recommend contacting them directly to see if they will work with you.  My guess is, they will.

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The short answer is, until you have the FCC, you can't use it yet.

There is no flexibility when it comes to final payment dates.

One idea I had was to check prices now and if it's not more than you paid, you might cancel on the final payment date, wait for the fcc and then rebook with the FCC. There's risk involved because the price could change between when you cancel and rebook.  Plus, if you have non-refundable cruise fare, this may not be a great idea either.

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