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  1. Hi All, I wonder if RC has given any though to pushing back the final payment date to be closer to the sailing date. I have a 7-night on SOTS for 3/27 which is in peril of cancellation to say the least. After thinking this over, we have decided we don't want to cruise this early given a variety of factors: wearing masks everywhere, having to potentially quarantine in cabin due to positive or false-positive tests, and risk of being "stuck" on ship. I know we can lift and shift or get a FCC but I'd rather not keep the full amount tied up in RC. I realize we can get a full refund if RC c
  2. Hi All, A question regarding flexibility in making final cruise payment. My SOTS cruise on 4/4 was cancelled, so I am looking forward to using the future cruise credit. A long time ago, I had also booked an anniversary Alaska cruise on Ovation for 7/24. My final payment for Ovation is scheduled for 4/11, but the FCC may not arrive until 4/13. Is there flexibility with regard to that final payment date of 4/11? Do they hold it for a few days or is it immediately cancelled at COB 4/11? I'm asking because I'd obviously want to apply my 125% future cruise credit to my remaining Ov
  3. Question on the Travel Inconvenience Benefit. Has anyone encountered this situation before? If yes, any info would be appreciated. I'm booked on Symphony of the Seas in April. I purchased Travel Insurance well before the Coronavirus outbreak. I am noticing that under the "Travel Inconvenience Benefit" of my policy, it states the benefit will be paid if: [d]: Cruise Diversion - the Insured's cruise ship does not stop at a scheduled port of call due to ...a medical incident involving another passenger on the ship. If the ship cancels a port visit due to someone being infect
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