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Grandeur or Adventure for New England/Canada?

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So, I've taken Royal's recent policy announcement as an opportunity to evaluate my options for my planned trip to New England and Canada. Currently, I'm set to go on Grandeur out of Baltimore on May 14. I'm currently in an interior and considering an upgrade to an OV (basically right across the hall from my current cabin, and the one I'll be in for my Christmas trip to the Bahamas). That upgrade will run me about $230 as of today; I can have a friend drive me to Baltimore, so there aren't any real additional transportation costs involved there.

Alternatively, it looks like prices have dropped for a sailing of Adventure with the exact same length (9 days) and intinerary just a couple weeks later out of Cape Liberty. With the refund, I could get a promenade view cabin for about $400 (which includes transportation to/from Newark and a hotel the night before the cruise, just to be safe, even though I could get a flight into Newark early on cruise day no problem). So basically, a $170 difference between the two options. Plus, pushing the date back even a couple of weeks would hopefully calm some people in my life who are a bit freaked out, despite my attempts to reassure them with facts about the current situation. 😬

For me, this cruise is 90% about the ports, though I do love sea days (I get 3 with each itinerary). I'm not big into things like water slides or FlowRiders or what-have-you. That being said, I really like that Adventure has a few extra dining options -- plus, it has mini-golf. Yes, I know it's a silly activity to get excited about, but it's been a lifelong passion! 🤭

Of course, those figures are all based on the fares found on Royal's web site and not having talked to a travel agent (or Royal) yet. So, there might be extra OBC out there or something to be had.

For those who may have sailed on both "Lady G" and Adventure, what are your thoughts?

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I love Grandeur.  She is the ship upon which we have sailed more often than any other Royal Caribbean ship.  I will say, however, if I had this decision to make and everything else was equal, I would choose  Adventure.  It's a newer and bigger ship and has more amenities.  Within the past year, we have flown to Newark twice to catch Anthem and both times we have flown in the day of the cruise.  While I am usually among the very FIRST to advise you NOT to do this, I will admit that it has worked out both times.  That is not to say that it always will though.  If it's truly just a toss up between the ships themselves, I would go with Adventure.

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Thank you both for the insight; doing a day-of, nonstop flight from Washington early enough cuts my cost considerably, according to my amateur travel math.

An e-mail has been dispatched to my travel agent, and I shall be switching to Adventure! "Lady G" will still get my love on my Christmas cruise! 🙂

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