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Questions about Thermal Suite Pass on Oasis


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My wife and I sailing, doing 7 nights with 3 full sea days.

1. What all is included with the pass? 

2. Is there anything included in the spa that is not an extra cost (excluding consultations and classes)?

3. Can you (or do you have to) make reservations to use it, or just show up?

4. Has any of the features/offerings changed since the ship went through Amp (I can only find one video post Amp).

5. If you don't/can't make reservations, how busy does it get? 

6. CP price now is $119/person or $199/couple. Is this normal/high/low?

7. Is it ever cheaper to book once on board? 

8. Do the passes ever sell out? 

9. Is there anything else I should know about it? 


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It includes a dry sauna, steam room and heated ceramic beds.  All are shared between men & women.

Typically the price on board for the week pass is the same as the cruise planner price.  

No reservations required, go anytime the facility is open.  

It is capacity controlled so it could sell out in theory.  

Compared to other lines I find this the least value of any thermal spa on a ship.  It’s really just the 3 core spa features so if sauna or steam room are important to you, you may find more value than I did.

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4 hours ago, Mikeb1892 said:

If my wife books a different spa service (like a manicure or pedicure), will that service come with access to the thermal suite for that day (or a set amount of time pre/post appointment)?

No. The thermal suite is only available to those who have passes. We really enjoyed the thermal suite but we purchased it on an Alaskan cruise and loved unwinding in a warm toasty area on a ceramic heated bed. 

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