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ABC Islands

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My family of 5 and extended family of 5 more is going on the Adventure of the Seas in June.  We're visiting St. Maarten, and the ABCs.  I'm looking for advice for beaches, forts, and other interesting things to do in the ABCs.


You can read internet sites, guide books, and RCCL's available tours.  But it seems to me that when you get to the island, confusion reigns and the cabbies on shore have their own "best beaches" to take you to.


A case in point to me is St. Maarten.  We were there last year.  We read the books and internet.  Orient Beach was THE place to go.  We went to the time and expense to rent a car and drive there.  We could see it was a nice beach, but it didn't have all the stuff to do as the beach right off the ship in town... and it was full of seaweed so the water was not nice.


I'm a seasoned cruiser, but still appreciate advise.

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Curacao is my favorite island.  You will love the forts there.  They do something that Americans would NEVER do.  They took the old forts and renovated them into shops and restaurants.  I love going there.  There is one you can walk to from the ship and another that is across the bridge.  Willemstad is a beautiful little city with interesting architecture and a lot of interesting history.


Take the tuk tuk tour.  They are little 3 wheeled golf carts with a driver/tour guide in front and 2 in the back seat.  So much fun.


Bonaire is beautiful.  You can't go to a bad beach there.  They are all beautiful.


Of the 3 [ABC islands], Aruba is my least favorite.  Maybe b/c everyone else always makes so much of Aruba.  I don't really care for it myself....but there are some beautiful resorts to see if you're interested in such things.


I'm also not a particular fan of St. Maarten.  I don't find anything particularly unique about its beaches or the island itself.  We did an RV excursion once that was fun.  I usually stay on the boat in St. Maarten these days.

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