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Royal Up - Adding guests scenario

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If I were to get accepted on a cabin that has a higher guest capability would I be able to add them if the royal up bid is accepted? I understand that bids may not come in until the night before so for most people it's not really an option. But would it be possible to add guests at the last minute if the bid is accepted and what would the costs associated be? 

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3 hours ago, wstephensi said:

I do not believe so.  RCI will not allow you to cancel/combine other rooms if you bid is accepted.  You bid is only good for those in the room you are book in at the time of the bid.

Thanks for the response! To clarify, there is no canceling or combining rooms. The scenario would be strictly adding guests at last minute if the bid is accepted. They would not have been booked on the cruise prior. I'm not familiar with cruises but I always see people mentioning that splitting the room is more cost effective so wondering if that would become an option.

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This is actually an excellent question.  I'm not sure I've ever seen or heard of anyone in this situation to provide you with an answer.  

I know in a regular situation you can add people up to a couple of days prior to sailing but if you haven't already established a 3rd person price then sometimes they end up repricing the whole room when you try to add the 3rd (and beyond).  But if you're originally booked with 3 people then anyone after 3 gets locked into that 3rd person price until sail date.

I would hope that if you already had 3 people and successfully RoyalUp'd in enough time to add people prior to sailing that you could at the prevailing 3rd person price.  

You also have to remember that the muster stations have a capacity and if there isn't room for more people you won't be allowed to add anyone, so that may come into play with a last minute add.

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