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What is a close-in sailing

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10 hours ago, USCG Teacher said:

Basically last-minute sailings.  Any trip that's departing within the final payment period.  You can usually find some pretty good deals on them if you're flexible, BUT you have to pay in full when booking.  Pros and cons to everything!

What's the best way to find these and is there a greater discount for being emerald and above? 

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37 minutes ago, ransrider said:

What's the best way to find these and is there a greater discount for being emerald and above? 

One source for close-in deals is the GGG or Going, Going, Gone listing:


You can also simply search the website narrowing the dates down to the current and next month or two.  Using the filters for duration and sorting by price you will sometimes see good rates appear.  

Close-in deals are not always available.  Some times of the year will experience more close-in deals, other times of the year not so much.  Peak or popular times will often sell out the ships with no opportunity for close-in deals.  Spring break and summer may not have close-in deals.  Early January, early December sometimes will have some close-in deals. 

Other people book them quickly so by the time you look they may be gone.  You have to look often and grab them when you see them if it works for you.  Flexibility and willing to compromise are important.  Cabin types may be interior or ocean view or cabin location may not be ideal but they can be less expensive so if you are willing to accept whatever is available, you can get a deal.

Last year I got a great close-in deal going to Alaska in the first week of September.  I had a flexible schedule and could make it work on short notice.   I checked airfare and it was reasonable so I went to Alaska for under $1k which is hard to do.  Other guests in the same cabin type probably paid more than that.  

Emerald may sometimes get a balcony discount but often with close-in deals it can vary.  NextCruise (if you happen to be onboard a ship) usually won't give any OBC for close-in deals or if they do it's very small like $15 or $25.  They are trying to fill the ship so the types of loyalty discounts you get for booking full price years in advance aren't always offered on close-in deals.

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