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Frozen Drink List

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Hey all cruisers. I am finally doing another Royal cruise after 5 years and it appears that the drink menus have drastically changed and now there appears to only be a few drinks listed in them with only a couple of frozen drinks being listed. Now that the old menus are gone which had lots of different types of drinks shown with pictures as well, thought I would create a topic where everyone that has cruised recently can share their favorite frozen drinks for all of us frozen drink lovers to learn and discover new drinks. 

So recent Royal cruisers, what are some of your favorite frozen drinks that you have had recently? Especially any not listed on the new limited menus?

Some of mine are Pina Colada, Lava Flow, Blue Hawaiian, Miami Vice. 


Oh and does anyone know of a frozen drink that is made of several different colors? I’ve seen pictures of this and it looks nice but I’m not sure about what it is called.


We have the drink package for the first time and would love to make a list of some new drinks to try instead of the typical standard pina colada and strawberry daiquiri so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks all 🙂

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Here's an extensive drink list - scroll to page 6. I don't remember who originally posted this, so unfortunately I can't give proper credit to the author.  I love this because it includes what is typically in the drinks. Make sure to ask for a specific brand of liquor in your drink if you want something other than what's listed.

Drink list - page 6.pdf

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