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Belize - with a 4 year old, and my parents


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Ive been looking at all of the things to do in Belize.  Ive been there before, and did Altun Ha ruins.  Enjoyed that, but dont believe my 8 and 4 year old would, and people im traveling with have done mayan ruins before and arent interested in that, either. Ive looked at the Zoo tour, and Kukumba Beach day. That looks promising, but I can go to a zoo here, and have two other all inclusive beach resort days booked.....so afraid it might be overkill.  HEEEEEELP. Has anyone done anything in Belize that was of note, that can be done with my parents and my 4 year old son? 

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We've been to Belize twice, once did the ruins and another time walked around the port and went back on the ship.  The tender ride was enough for the kids on that one that they didn't feel like they were missing out on anything.  

The second time we did the ruins, and when we came back to the gates an armed guard boarded the bus and stopped and looked at every single one of us, big gun (I don't know what kind it was, but it was a rifle like thing) in his hands as he walked down the aisle.  Our kids thought it was cool, we thought it was nuts to have a loaded gun that close to our kids. 

That experience was enough that every future visit to Belize is an enjoy the quieter ship day, or tender to the port and walk around the shops. 

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