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Post Repositioning Anthem of the Seas


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It looks like Anthem of the Seas gets back into Southampton the 24th of April 2020, and doesn't sail again until the 15th of May 2020. Is it normal for a ship to take 3 weeks between sailing after a repositioning cruise?

Just curious, I'm on the May 15th sailing and can only assume it takes 3 weeks to change over drink menus, crew, native UK supplies, and possibly quick refurb/maintenance/? Anybody have insight or opinion? 

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Hi @Spang1974, welcome to the forums!

Anthem is getting a dry dock when she switches over to Southampton. That's the reason for the 3-week gap. Nothing major being done, she's just due for the mandatory 5-year "checkup" that all ships get. If there wasn't a dry dock involved, the ship would be sailing back out of Southampton that afternoon of 24 April, 2020. Just as long as it would take to clear the passengers on the transatlantic sailing and get the new supplies and passengers on board.

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Funny -- I wanted to book a cruise next year for my daughter's 30th birthday, and although April is a tough time for DH to get off (teaches at a community college 2 days/week, 2 classes each day), I thought, maybe we can do it for that -- figuring 7 days, he could take 1 vacation day (allowed per semester) & either 1 unpaid day, or switch with someone for coverage.  Just our luck, her birthday fell during the repo cruise (April 20), and there was no way we could swing that (plus flight home, etc) either in terms of time or money. Would have been nice, though....

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17 hours ago, Spang1974 said:

Thanks @JLMoran  for the info.

WoW! We just got off the Anthem on the 12th of September 2019 and she was immaculate! One of, if not the cleanest and most pristine in condition ships we have ever sailed on. I'm sure she will pass that check up with flying colors! 

Every 5 years all ships must go into dry dock.  It's mostly technical work below the waterline.  Scraping growth off, repainting the hull.  Replacing seals, cleaning bilges.  Boring stuff for the average cruise guest but something all ships have to do on a periodic basis.  

While cruise passengers think of dry docks as a time when guest areas get updates, the truth is dry docks occur on all ships, cargo, container, tanker, cruise ship and so on.  Their true purpose is marine maintenance.   It is required every five years or their insurance certificate to operate will be revoked. 

For older ships since the ship is out of service they will often use this time to perform updates in guest areas.  The ship is empty of guests so it's a good time to do work in guest areas.  On a newer ship like Anthem there is not as much work to do in guest areas.  They'll drain pools and repaint them, replace worn carpet, fix small things like any broken tiles in the floor.  Most guests will never see the small things they do.

Launched in 2015 so 2020 is a mandatory dry dock and her very first routine dry dock.  Her next one will be in 2025.   

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