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Perfect Day Cocoa Cay - Beach Bed Rental


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Been checking cruise planner numerous times a day since we booked in may.  Today "Full day beach bed rental" popped up at $299.  Has anyone else seen this or better yet rented it in past? Does anyone know where these beds are located? 

I have seen the cabanas and read the different discussions regarding the different cabana areas. 

I already dropped the ball, as when we first booked. All 3 cabana types were 599.  Now the waterpark cabana is 599, chill island is 1299 and oasis lagoon is now gone. We were waiting on few other rooms to book to see where everyone wanted to be.  Of course by the time we decided on oasis lagoon it was gone.





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I understand this wont give me oasis lagoon as we originally wanted. 


Just wondering where it is. As we have a few people in group who planned on going to beach. It would be nice, and right now seems cheap enough to grab just to have a central point where all our stuff is as we go about the day.


We decided against the waterpark as we have a 4 year old who appears to not make most of the height requirements.  Other child is an infant.  So were originally between the beach and pool area, definitely looking to spend some time at each throughout the day.

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14 minutes ago, twangster said:

The beds are currently at the end of the beach next to where Coco Beach Club will be.  

Thanks. That may work out well if we plan on spending time in oasis lagoon. 


I'm imagining you mean between snack shack and cocoa beach club?




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The beach beds are located about a 3 min walk from the chill cabanas.  The shuttle stops right next to them.  My husband and I like the beds if it is just the two of us.  The only thing negative about the beds at their new location is you are not close to the water like you would be with the cabana.  It is not a long walk, but if you have a little one that is a "water baby"  you will be spending more time away from the beach bed than at it.   

The positive of the beds is it is located kind of mid point between the beach side and going over to the pool, but it would be a long walk to the little kids water park.

I can't recall where the clamshells were located on the beach, but if it is located by the wacky seagull bar/divers den, than I would do that because you would more shade with them, plus you are closer to Captain Jills Galleon, which is a really cute fun splash zone for the little ones.  You are basically equi-distant to everything, food, pool, beach, and the ship.

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