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​​​​​​​Empress 8 Night Eastern Caribbean 🎵​​​​​​​ Oops, I Booked it Again 🎵​​​​​​​

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In the words as sung by Britney Spears...  🎵 Oops, I Did it Again 🎵 For those who are wondering what is he talking about?  (or thinking I've enjoyed one too many happy hour drinks)  I just finish

Walking back to the ship I just had to capture it with some water blur effect and the nearly full moon. It was too early to go back on board so with several hours until all aboard time I wan

Interesting story from the previous 8 night Eastern Caribbean Empress cruise.   A guest on my Empress B2B last week had been on for a month and she told me this story.  Empress has a 2pm departur

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Cruise Summary

What really made these three recent Empress cruises stand out as cruises I'll remember are not only the places we visited but the people I met.  I've met not only great crew and management employees but also many frequent cruisers with conversations I've enjoyed every night.  Almost every one of them has overlapping future cruises where we'll meet again.  You don't get to meet great people like this on big ships.

I've met some great bartenders but the ones on Empress really stand out.  I remember certain bartenders from this cruise or that cruise but on Empress I've added three stand out bartenders to my list.  I'm hoping I'll see them at some CocoCay bar when we share the pier with Empress on an upcoming cruise. 

Going to Jost Van Dyke has been on my mind for some time now and it was great to finally make it back plus see it return to 100% after the hurricanes.   

I'm still in love with Empress despite her small size.  It's probably her big heart that attracts me to her. 

While she is an old ship she was refreshed quite extensively when she came back for Cuba, granted cabins were not made any bigger.

Small ship cruising isn't for everyone.  That's okay, there will be more room for me on the small ships.  I still love big ships too and there is always room on big ships for everyone.  My favorite remains Voyager class but I'm glad Empress is there when I really want to experience the sea even more.

It's going to be interesting moving up to Majesty.  It's kind of funny when moving to Majesty is stepping up to a bigger ship!

I'm still trying to figure out if I can squeeze Empress onto my cruise dance card over the next few months.  I'll definitely go on Empress again.

All cruises will create memories you won't forget. Some of my best memories come from this, the smallest ship with the biggest heart.

I hope you enjoyed following along and I thank you for viewing.

PS - look for Cruise Compasses soon, once I get home from Majesty and can scan them in properly.

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8 hours ago, KathyC said:

August 17, 2020 perhaps? 

July and August are blacked out for the reduced single supplement once you are over 340 points.  Combined with it being the summer peak season that makes it very expensive for us solo cruisers.

I'm only cruising this July and August because Empress and Majesty had reduced single supplement in the wake of the Cuba changes.  The summer is normally dry dock season for me.

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Thanks Twangster for another awesome blog and of course those gorgeous pics on the Empress, the ship with the biggest Heart!  Also I especially enjoyed the pics from BVI including the nice pier.  Seeing that they have come back from the hurricanes was nice to see (and I definitely want to go to Jost Van Dyke someday for sure)  Michelle

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On 8/19/2019 at 7:23 AM, twangster said:

July and August are blacked out for the reduced single supplement once you are over 340 points. 

Can you please enlighten me on these reduced single supplements?  I almost always sail alone and I have been paying for the "other non-existent person" in the room. 


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27 minutes ago, twangster said:

Once you reach 340 C&A points it's a published benefit but July, August and holidays are blackout dates.  

Oh OK ... I'm still have a long way to go before I get to that status, I'm only at Emerald (57 points)   Do you still get double points with the reduced supplement?

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