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Hungry 18 month old boy!!! Enchantment lunch at CHOPS

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We are sailing on Enchantment on August 28th. What I like least About cruising is very early afternoon on embarkation day when  everyone is jammed into the Windjammeir. to circumvent this I went ahead and pre-purchased lunch at Chops.  We have an active 18 month old who will be on his third cruise (Alaska, Bahamas & now Mexico) and eats like gangbusters.

Question!!!   What are his option for what RC consider No Charge for under age 3.



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7 hours ago, MotleyCruiser said:

I'm wondering since he is free does he only eat off the kids menu??  I know he can 'put away' a full filet

Hahahaha! I feel the same about my daughter sometimes. 

I cant be sure, however I would assume yes. Keep in mind tho a kids meal for a 18 month old or 8 year old would/ should be the same size. So it should be enough. And I'm pretty sure you get appetizers and a main and a dessert. So hopefully that's enough for your growing boy! 

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