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Onboard credit to pay for Voom

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4 minutes ago, tchinton10 said:

Is it possible to pay for Zoom service with onboard credit weeks before the cruise begins?  I would like to take advantage of the extra discount pre-boarding but would like to pay with my onboard credit.

I'm assuming you're meaning Voom, the internet service?  To answer your question, yes, you can..... I've done it myself.

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  • Matt changed the title to Onboard credit to pay for Voom
56 minutes ago, tchinton10 said:

Thank you! Will this now work on Grandeur of the Seas?

yes but Grandeur of the seas is one of the ships that doesn't have real room internet. Its still called voom but its slow. Real voom internet can only be found on Oasis Class Ships, Quantum Class ships, and Majesty. Other ships the internet is just not as fast but they still call it Voom

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One time I re-booked at a lower fare and told them to just keep the money as on-board credit instead of sending it back to me only to then turn around and use it to make Cruise Planner purchases. When they did that, however, it wasn't on-board credit that showed in the Cruise Planner, RCL told me that it was only available for use when I boarded the ship.  I had honestly forgotten about it until there was a notice in the stateroom how much we had available. All that to say to be careful as not all OBC amounts are equal.

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