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  1. One time I re-booked at a lower fare and told them to just keep the money as on-board credit instead of sending it back to me only to then turn around and use it to make Cruise Planner purchases. When they did that, however, it wasn't on-board credit that showed in the Cruise Planner, RCL told me that it was only available for use when I boarded the ship. I had honestly forgotten about it until there was a notice in the stateroom how much we had available. All that to say to be careful as not all OBC amounts are equal.
  2. When we were on Harmony during football season they showed many of the games in the On Air club, just now the one I was looking to watch. The Cruise Compass told you which games would be televised and when (in public areas). Didn't try in the stateroom but did catch some college action on ESPN one night.
  3. A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I took a 3-day cruise on Mariner of the Seas out of Port Canaveral to celebrate our 20th anniversary. The ship was wonderful as anticipated and I can't believe how nice Perfect Day at Coco Cay was. The day of debarkation was an unusual experience, however, and I thought I'd share it in case any other nitwits like myself still use a birth certificate instead of just ponying up for passports. When I scanned my card to leave, Royal Caribbean security told me that Customs wanted to speak with me face-to-face - which was, of course, a weird experience even when
  4. Same for this past weekend, you insert the card.
  5. My wife and I just returned today from a 3-day on Mariner and, being without kids for our anniversary, we attended our first Quest. I told her I had heard many legends on the blog and wanted to see it for myself. We had an absolute blast and would highly recommend this to everyone (18+, that is) - well, everyone who isn't too politically correct or easily offended. Some of our items required were: 8 items of clothes tied together, a "pair of twins" (this quickly became just boobs), a SeaPass card for Jack or Dianne (as the song with these names played). Glad I'm finally with the in-crowd on
  6. Absolutely! I'd be glad to help with any other requests that might help them out as I've been there done that!
  7. We have stayed (and are planning to stay again this September) at the Fairfield Inn & Suites (by Marriott) at 2081 Griffin Road (it's technically listed as Dania Beach). It's not too far from Port Everglades but is right off of I-95, so hopping back on to head south to Miami will be convenient. It was only about $115 a night both times and was exactly what we needed, a clean, convenient and comfortable place to spend the night. Admittedly there isn't much in easy distance, although a Wendy's is basically in the parking lot.
  8. I believe the rules allow you to use birth certificates and a real ID but only IF you take a closed-loop cruise (leave from AND return to the same exact U.S. port). We did this for Harmony in 2017 with no issues and very easy. However, if your ship is forced to another port, you get kicked off/left, medical evacuation, etc. you will be stuck without a passport. At the time I judged the $550 cost a bridge to far after paying for the cruise but it is a risk.
  9. Mariner of the Seas 5/10 /19 (spouse and I for 20th anniversary) and Allure of the Seas (whole family) 9/29/19.
  10. Having only been on Oasis class (Harmony), I was surprised just how little movement there was compared to my first ever cruise on a ~70k ton displacement Carnival ship. I remember getting off that ship and having to adjust to being back on land, whereas with Harmony I often felt I wasn't at sea. That said, there were still times when you could detect the movement, probably (as noted above) just those situations you can't avoid. Looking forward to comparing that experience to Allure later this year.
  11. Very interesting thread to hear everyone's opinions and maybe apply to my future ship selection. I only have the one experience - yet... Harmony of the Seas Best: Sheer size ("wow factor") and wide variety of activities for all ages, never felt bored and even 7 days weren't enough to enjoy it all Worst: Hard to be negative as I loved the ship and the cruise, but I guess I'd say settling up our account as it was a negative service experience that compounded the doldrums of debarkation anyways
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