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ABC Islands Excursions


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My husband and I are booked on Adventure the first week of march 2020.

We will be visiting the ABC Islands as our 3 stops (Aruba, Bonaire, & Curaco)

We know we want to snorkel in one location (looking like Bonaire would be best for this?).


The other two we have no idea. 

We're fairly adventures couple. No kids. Not sit on a beach all day people.

Our last trip we did zip lines, snorkels and cave diving. 

We're also not walk around on an informational tour kind of people either. (ex: a tour of the town on a bus would not be of interest to us)


All suggestions are welcome!


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Bonaire is the stand out for snorkeling.  They'll take you on a boat over to Klein Bonaire, a small island that is a national park.  I've scuba dived it recently and it is beautiful.

If you have a long day in Aruba a sunset catamaran might be nice.  Not often you get to experience a sunset while not on the ship.  

The ATV ride on Curaçao looked interesting to me last time.

TripAdvisor.com might give you some ideas.


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