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Room Upgrade May 4 - Anthem (Bermuda)


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We are going on the Anthem on May 4th. We received our royal upgrade offer to bid. Has anyone bid on an upgraded room?  How much did you bid on the junior suite and was your bid accepted?  Did you bid on any other rooms and if so, how much did you bid?

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Hi @TVS, welcome to the forums!

I haven't yet done an upgrade bid, but keep in mind that if you bid on a Jr Suite and you are currently in a regular balcony cabin or lower, you will not be awarded double Crown & Anchor points for the Jr Suite should you win your bid. You'll still have access to Coastal Kitchen on Anthem, which is all kinds of win, and will get the other Sea Class perks like priority embarkation; but if the double points matter to you, then factor that into your bid.

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20 hours ago, TVS said:

Thank you for your response. Good to know about the points.  I just liked the suite because it has more space and a larger balcony but i bid at the very lowest dollar amount so i doubt i will get it. 

Keep in mind that just because you receive the email it doesn't mean there's even a room available, no matter what you bid.  So that alone is a reason to not get  your hopes up. At this point all of the suites are sold out on your sailing, so someone would have to cancel in the first place.

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