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Special Anniversary or Milestone Birthday...

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Oh come on its not like we're going to recommend Mitch a sky loft suite with overflowing bottles of champagne, every package under the sun and all sea days taken up with gambling and spa days.  


What kind of monsters do you take us for?! 🙂


But seriously, a bottle of bubbly is always nice, maybe dinner at Chops, maybe a special excursion.  And plenty of relaxation.  


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1 hour ago, Mitch said:

Has anyone had any celebration for a milestone anniversary or birthday?  What would be recommended for celebrating 40 years of marriage?


I'm presently working on birthday plans for my wife...(milestone birthday). I have prepaid reservations at Chop's and will order flowers from https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/onboard-delivery/flowers/ at a later date, and will order magnetic birthday sign from https://customcruisewear.com/door-sign-birthday/ at a later date. May spring for some good bubbly. Plans still in the works but it will be one she won't forget. I'll be watching this thread for more ideas....

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