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What beverages can you take on the ship?? Water - pop ?

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If you attempt to bring beer on board, you might not get your bags until Tuesday lol. You might even wind up in the brig. No, beer is not permitted. Water & soda as you will undoubtedly hear from others is mostly hit & miss. I will tell you this, if you smile at the porter, and tip generously, they may just allow you to avoid security with your water/soda, and bring it directly to your cabin. They did for me a couple of weeks ago.

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Any form of alcohol, including beer, is definitely not allowed and will be confiscated. And while bringing on water and soda is officially against the rules, I haven't had any problems in my past two cruises this year bringing it on although I bought it in port rather than bringing it on on embarkation day. If you go in with the attitude that it might not be allowed on and that you might be out a few bucks, you'll be fine.


As a side note, Carnival no longer allows guests to bring on water in any form but you can prepurchased it cheaply ($3.95 for a case).

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Bringing water and soda is officially not allowed, but in practice they let it through.  I'd recommend bringing either with you in your carry on luggage.


My wife put the water in the checked luggage on our last cruise and I got called down to the "naughty room".  The crew member opened up the bag, saw it was just water and gave me the luggage and water with no problem.


Beer is definitely not allowed.

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Can someone back me on with this;

I think you can still bring 2 bottles of wine in your carry on luggage on embarkation day. That is 2 bottles total per stateroom.

You are correct. In addition, there's no longer a corkage fee. Unlike other lines, it's two per cabin, not one per adult, which helps if you have two cabins booked (e.g., one for the kids) as you can double your wine allowance.
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