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Found 8 results

  1. I wonder as I look through my calendar for this Sunday's cruise if I should consider tipping for things like freebies in the spa. They do mini facials and things and have champagne on offer (yay!), do you tip for events like these? Thanks!
  2. Hi Guys, I am on a five-day cruise in may on the Ovation and lucky to be in Star Class with a Royal Genie, really looking forward to it. Can I have some guidance on tipping the Genie, I don't want to under or over tip but be generous for the service received. Should I also give some of this tip at the start of the cruise? Thanking you all in advance for any suggestions. John
  3. We have an upcoming cruise on the Harmony in star class - our first non DCL Cruise - and have lots of obc. Can obc be used for tips for Our genie, servers in specialty restaurants, and/or the casino? Also as specialty dining and coastal kitchen is included should we budget tips for servers there and if so, how much do people normally leave at specialty restaurants or at CK? Thanks for any advice!
  4. When giving an extra tip at specialty restaurants, do people leave cash or add to their sea pass account?
  5. This will be my first cruise sailing on the 20th November from Singapore on the Mariner. In regard to tipping, can we tip in our local currency ie Thai Baht as I am a Thai resident, or does it have to be in $? Also what is the latest we can disembark, I am a the Royal Suite, we want to stay on as long as possible as our flight is quite late that day. Thanking you in advance for your answers. John
  6. We are cruising on Independence of the Seas leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale on 12/26/16. Five nights - western Caribbean. Any tips for these first time cruisers, particularly in what to pack? I know all the regular stuff, but are there any things I might not be thinking of? For example, someone suggested extra hangers (that seems a little excessive) and someone else suggested a power strip or extension cord. Do we need to bring shampoo, soap, etc.? Any food tips for vegans? Thanks, Friends!
  7. A friend just took the same cruise and itinerary that we are taking next month (well, 39 days, but who's counting?). When I talked to him about it, he said he went to Guest Services and asked them to remove all of the gratuities that were charged automatically, and that he would tip on his own for the entire cruise at the end. Is it possible to do that? Is it considered a little rogue? I'd rather tip my attendant and probably my dining room servers on my own, since they are the people with whom I've interacted with. Also - is there a template or something where you cool people share your cruise experiences down in your sig line area?
  8. How much cash do you take with you for incidentals like cash tipping and onshore spending money? I like to tip at the bar even though 15% is already added to the tab. While in college I was a server and bartender and always appreciated cash tips.
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