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  1. Anyone sailing on the symohony of the seas on Nov 2nd?????
  2. Sorry to report folks but your eyes aren't playing tricks. Starting tomorrow I'll be coming to you somewhat live from on board the Symphony of the Seas. This has been a cruise with right around 620 days of waiting. Booked the night reports had started to leak out that Symphony booking had opened up. Little did I know at the time of booking it would be a very short wait to learn this sailing would be part of something much bigger, an official Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise. Itinerary is somewhat port heavy, but still has time to relax. Day 1 - Miami Day 2 - Sea Day Day 3 - Roatan Day 4 - Costa Maya Day 5 - Cozumel Day 6 - Sea Day Day 7 - Nassau Day 8 - Eviction in Miami For those that are new to reading my LIVEish. Check out my previous one to get an idea of what fine quality work I produce: Finally, I'll leave this image for fun...
  3. We have the ultimate dining package on the Symphony group cruise over thanksgiving. I know we have to make our reservations once we’re on board, but was wondering if we’d have better luck making the reservations with the Diamond lounge concierge or at one of the specialty restaurants. We made mock reservations in the cruise planner today and not many times available online.
  4. Hi- My husband and I will be on Symphony in April this year. On our day in Costa Maya, we wanted to go see the Mayan ruins (he has never seen them before, I have). However, I was unsure of which tour to book. I was looking at CHACCHOBEN RUINS & BEACH COMBO just because I think it would be nice to have both. Since I've already seen the ruins, I really don't like the idea of spending ALLLLL day just doing the ruins. Just unsure if this one is really worth it or if anyone has gone of this or other excursions with the ruins that they enjoyed. Thanks in advanced for your help everyone!
  5. Shamelessly promoting my favourite class of ship again. I came across this video tonight and really wanted to share it. @Matt has some great blog posts comparing the 4 ships but this video was so well put together and gives a great comprehensive visual. Whether you are a first timer or you've sailed all 4, it's still worth a look, especially if you are deciding between them as I find many people are. Also, there are some really good shots of the new features on Symphony, including food shots from Playmakers and Hooked. It's 20min long and there is an ad in the middle but have a look. Can't wait for my next Oasis class sailing!
  6. Day -2 Well after few months it is time again for funny spelling mistakes/bad grammar and near real time blog. If everything will be ok and nothing change our flight we will be on the Symphony Of The Seas at this Saturday from Barcelona. So why this ship ? – really should I explain why one wants to go on Symphony ? ? Actually, when the first itineraries were published we already booked a cruise for September time but six weeks ago we decided we need some extra vacation until September, we thought first to travel to Thailand for some land vacation but after checking the April/May weather over therel we dropped this idea. I started to look for April cruises and I preferred something around Europe to shorten the flight time , apparently the only available ship was the SyOTC , so well we decided to volunteer and as @Matt says : do it for the research. For sure I have not canceled the September cruise as I believe it’s going to be two different experiences. Europe April Weather can be still cold and rainy while September weather will be much warmer (in Italy too warm) so we are planning to focus doing internal ship activities and some shore excursions while in September focus on other stuff like the water slides and water activities. Another difference is that for this cruise we booked Ocean view room as I do not think we would use the balcony too much (too cold) while in September we do have a balcony. Here is the itinerary: (this is the third time we are doing the same one with Harmony OTS and Liberty) Day -1 – Barcelona (getting to the hotel and find a nice Tapas restaurant) Day 1 – Barcelona (We have BOGO deal) Day 2 – Palma de Mallorca, we will take the bus to the city see what is new. Day 3 - Marseilles , we took a ship tour around the city , last time we went on a tour to one of the small cities in Provence . Day 4 - Florence/Pisa (La Spezia) – We will stay around la Spezia which is a nice small city , Florence is quite far and we already have a tour booked for the next cruise to visit Florence. I guess we will do some of the shopping there (wine, Balsamic vinegar and yes maybe shoes) Day 5 - Rome (Civitavecchia) – We have a ship tour that will transfer us to Rome , we will have around 6 hour to tour Romr by ourselves , since we already been to Rome (land tours) I think we can find our way. I took the ship transfer to make sure we will be back on time, train and buses can be delayed from time to time. Day 6- Naples (Capri) – We did not plan what to do there yet , we might take the bicycle tour if the weather will be nice or just go off the ship and tour the city (by tour the city I acutely mean go to eat a pizza ? ) . From all the ports of call this one is the closet to the city center, walking distance . So tomorrow early morning we are planning to catch the train to the airport (15 minutes) and start our journey to Barcelona (the flight will be via Rome which is funny consider our itinerary, but it was very cheap comparing to the direct flight, so cheap that it would not make sense to use miles). Drinking – No drinking package this time, we will bring two bottles of wines and we are planning to buy drinks from time to time (it is a very heavy port itinerary and they want 49 $ per day for the package ). Special restaurants – We got the BOGO first two night restaurants , I hope one of them will be Hooked and will try Wonderland (even if we need to add some money) but almost everything will be nice, but must have Hooked at least one time to write a report for the blog. Please feel free to ask questions or ask me to take pictures of certain things on the ship, I will try to bring as much information as I can. My partner finally got her SLR camera back from where we left it last time (long story) so maybe we can have some better pictures (although still it is a basic SLRs). Tomorrow Barcelona Hey , you do not need to buy me ticket , I will be in the suitcase , no one will notice
  7. Looking at the Royal app they have listed the menu for Playmakers. Looks like it will be a nice selection of Sports Bar style grub... Time open per the app is 12pm to 2am On thing I did find funny is the Wing Challenge.
  8. It looks like the playmakers Onboard Symphony will serve gourmet burgers, not sure how that will work with Johnny rockets being over the way but we shall see. lots of real beers could b on the cards too along with an arcade and virtual bungee. I cant wait to try her out on April 7th, go to the wipeout bar then down the ultimate abyss for a drink. what do we all think?
  9. Looks like a top speed of 24.3 kn so far! From the free MarineTraffic.com app.
  10. So I'm booked up on Symphony April 7th in a Central park balcony stateroom with the EAT DRINK PLAY perks which include Complimentary lunch for two at Jamies Italian Complimentary bottle of red wine in your stateroom. Private casino gaming lessons from an onboard expert. My question is that for Jamies lunch I presume it would be on a sea day ... but this sailing the only sea day is day 7. my thoughts are that there is no way that all CP staterooms can be seated for lunch on one day so maybe they will open up Jamies for lunch on other days? Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this perk where there is only 1 sea day? Furthermore does anyone have a sample menu?
  11. While I'm afraid I wont be on the Symphony group cruise on the 17th November I have managed to snag a fantastic deal on the 24th November Sailing! I managed to get a ocean view balcony room for £1450 for 2 guests, usually prices for symphony are in the £1000pp range for a balcony. This price was due to an error on the RC UK website which I exploited and has subsequently been fixed. Im just wondering if anyone has the B2B booked at all?
  12. Hello all!! :D My first time posting something over here in the forums. I'm currently booked on Symphony for her 14 October 2018 sailing but i'm considering a change to an earlier date, probably on her maiden sailing. Would y'all know if it's worth it to be on a Royal Caribbean ship's maiden (or even final) voyage? Would they offer exclusive memorabilia or? Appreciate your replies! :)
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